Friday, 18 March 2011


In this scene the big bad wolf, Carcharoth, bites off the hand of Beren son of Barahir. Having just stolen a silmaril from the Iron crown of Morgoth, Beren and Luthien are fleeing from Angband but at the gate stands the mighty Carcharoth who had previously been put to sleep by Luthien but she is too weak to do it again after having put Morgoth to sleep. Carcharoth is baring down on them, he is the biggest, most evil and scariest werewolf of all middle earth, and in an attempt to stay him Beren holds the Silmaril above him but undaunted, Carcharoth bites off his hand. Not that, that does him much good since the Silmaril begins to burn his stomach.

Anyway this is one of my attempts at painting a scary wolf, I hope it achieves it's purpose.

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