Thursday, 10 November 2011

When I was young...

or at least younger, I took part in a Children in Need competition. Children in Need did a collaboration with Moorcroft, the makers of beautiful pottery, and got people of all ages to do a design for a plate or pot or jug. I designed a plate and it was selected as a final piece. The fifty or so items were then created and were to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Children In Need. When I told people at school about it, they didn't understand why I was doing it because I wasn't going to get a prize of any kind. Truth be told I have always been addicted to drawing and this was a chance for me to get something made.
Here is it is. They named it floral feast and me, my dad and my nan went to the Auction (met Eric Knowles from the Antiques Roadshow) and my Nan and Dad clubbed together and bought it for me. Now it sits at home in my parent's house and I'll pass it down to future Carthy generations. You can have a butcher's hook at the other finalists here.

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