Friday, 25 November 2011

It's still only November...

but I'm already feeling the Christmas cheer. I think it helps that I miss the majority of Christmas advertising on telly but what only makes it worse are these lovely illustrations by Kathleen Hale:
"Orlando the Marmalade Cat as Santa"
"Orlando the Marmalade Cat and Grace, his wife Under the Mistletoe"
"Orlando the Marmalade Cat Under a Starry Sky"
"Orlando the Marmalade Cat and the Christmas Tree" The Illustrators - 1780-1996


  1. Where are these from?! I can't find an Orlando book about Christmas.

    1. Hi Proudmama
      Sorry for my late reply. These illustrations were made for greetings cards and you can find them in: "The Illustrators - 1780-1996" collated by David Wootton. Hope this helps.