Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beautiful Old Movie Posters

I love films and I love the cinema experience. Often however I'm put off of films because of the trailers or the posters. For me posters are the worst, some are amazing and completely sell the film for example the new Batman film teaser poster:
It's simple but detailed and instantly recognisable. A lot of posters these days are boring or ruined by photoshop happy fools. But what brought this post on was a couple of books that I borrowed from the library showcasing thirties and forties film posters. The colours and the compositions and the different styles are beautiful and although modern posters have colour and composition and are designed, sometimes I think that maybe it would be better if they tried a different apporach to a photograph of people huddled together and photoshopped badly.
Hantise - 1944 (French, art by Jean Jacquelin)
The Woman in Red - 1935 (US)
Black Friday - 1940 (US)
Les Enfantes Terribles - 1947 (French, art by Jean Cocteau
Le Troisieme Homme [The Third Man] - 1949 (French, art by Bernard Lancy
Black Narcissus [Czarny Narcyz] - 1946 (Polish, art by Henryk Tomaszewski)
Marihuana - 1935 (US) This one just looks like an advert but hey I'm interested and would watch this film just to see what it's about. Other than Marihuana.

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