Tuesday 3 July 2012

Coventry Transport Museum

Today myself and Stephen went to the Coventry Transport Museum to do some sketching. This museum is one of the best things in Coventry for me and as it was once the hub of car manufacture in Britain it gives you not only a history of cars but also of the city itself, which is quite nice. Here are a few drawings from today, I think you'll agree that I need some practise but I had lots of fun and drawing old cars is definately better than bicycles.

Une Nuit Loin D'ici - Julia Wauters

During my trip to London last week I visited the Nobrow shop and bought this beautiful book by Julia Wauters. Slightly unfortunate for me it's in French and my French has deteriorated over the past 5 years but I know as much as the title is: "One Night, Not Far From Here" and it talks about animals in different areas of the world. It's a lovely book, I especially love the sloth.