Tuesday 6 July 2010

Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons is a 22 year old Illustration and Animation student.
I like his work, simple as. Especially the top one.

Erase: The Lust For Logs



Ellyphant loves Tapirs

I love Tapirs! The one above is an adult Asian Tapir (also known as Malayan Tapir), I think Tapirs look a bit like clangers. There are four species of tapir: Asian, Lowland, Baird's and Mountain.

My favourite is Asian because of the two tone pattern all three others are brown. Asian are also the largest. Baird's, Lowland and Mountain Tapirs inhabit the Americas.

Mountain tapirs are the smallest and the oldest of the four types. Mountain Tapir are also woolly which is where they get the nickname 'Woolly Tapir'.
Baird's and Lowland Tapirs are quite similar, both are a brown colour and neither have thicker hair. However you can tell between them; Baird's are larger and Lowland Tapirs have a thicker neck.

Tapirs evolved from about 55 million years ago after the demise of the dinosaurs, but their ancestors didn't evolve such long snouts until a few million years ago.

Tapir young have a good form of camouflage when they're born; they have stripes in order to blend in. And are completely adorable.

These are some Lowland Tapir that I saw in Twycross Zoo (Warwickshire), I was very excited to see them.

Tapirs are some of my favourite animals and so I made this: