Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Grids, Spreads and Sneezing Cows

Second Year of Uni. Second Project - Grids. We have been learning about grids and spreads in magazines and books. Learning and then doing. We picked a name out of a tub/envelope and then created a double page spread upon our designer/illustrator.

I picked Jim Flora. An amazing illustrator who designed Album covers in the 1940s and 50s for jazz artists such as Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and Gene Krupa. Then went on to do freelance magazine illustrations and children's books, including titles such as: 'The Fabulous Firework Family', 'Charlie Yup' and 'The Day the Cow Sneezed'.

He was a brilliant designer, his work has real feeling in it and a great sense of animation. I admire it so much that I recently ordered 'The Day the Cow Sneezed' which was recently republished. It arrived yesterday and I've already read it twice.

I think I have found my new favourite illustrator. I love his work and expect it to influence me in future projects.

For more information on Jim Flora please go to: where you will find plenty more information and links to other websites.

So here it is; the end spread, complete with Sneezing Cow, and made with grids.

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