Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Headcases, Paper Toys

Our two final projects of the year involved Paper Toys... Toys that come in nets online and can be printed off on a4 sheets and then put together at home.

We could do anything...


and so I went for something entirely crazy that has been obsessing in my head for months.
To explain I must show you the original inspiration:

The concept was take a word from the dictionary, read the phrase and illustrate it.
This was: Escapism - the inclination to retreat from unkind reality through diversion or fantasy.

So for the paper toys I decided to make a Paper version:

These are the Headcases: (from left to right)
- Terry the Vicar who's secretly obsessed with violent video games
- Bobo the Clown who's terrified of children
- Gruesome Greg the Pirate who often dreams of gardens with flowers and butterflies
- Lumberjack Mac who cross dresses and bakes cupcakes in his spare time
- Burgular Bobbie who only steals ladie's shoes
- and Doctor Thompson who practises the Dark Arts and writes a Book of Shadows

My favourite is Lumberjack Mac

might be something to do with the beard but I also think he's got the strongest personality.

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