Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Headcases, Marketing

The Second part of our Paper Toys final project of the year... Marketing.

For this part we had to find a partner with similar toys and then market them together. My partner was Grace who had Graphic Design Joke toys who sit on your Mac. My toys were the Headcases (see previous blog for more details on this). The only connection between them is their decorativeness.

We decided to create a shop called Hunkydory...

Which would be online and highstreet but thats far to complicated for a two week project so it became an online shop.
This is the Website homepage I designed for our assessment.

I really like this and think I may do something similar when I create my own website but using all of my own photography instead of sourced off of the internet like in this image here.
I love the till and wish as one of my tutors said that there was a mobile phone in the same style, I'd definately buy it.

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