Thursday, 10 February 2011

Degrees of Separation

'The Six Degrees of Separation'is the theory explaining that everyone in the world is connected via 'friend of a friend' links. For our latest project, our first one week project of this year, our brief has been to create two illustrations, one spot and one spread, describing this theory.

However it's not just as simple as drawing the connections between 'such and such' and 'so and so', we had to include ten objects and create links between them, they were: Mount Fuji, an analogue telephone, a porcupine, a picket fence, a wendy house, an umbrella, a rain cloud, a cactus, Admiral Lord Nelson and a teapot.

These are my finished pieces:

The first is the Spread illustration, unlimited by colour, and the second is the Spot illustration, which was limited to only two colours for printing.

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