Sunday, 4 April 2010

An expensive easter gift

In 1885 the Tsar, Alexander III, of Russia gave his wife the Tsarina, Empress Marie Fedorovna, an egg made from precious stones and metals. This was the beginning of a tradition in the Imperial Family's Easter celebrations right up until the Russian revolution in 1917. Between 50 and 54 (I'm not quite sure) eggs were made for the Tsarinas on Easter including the Swan Egg of 1906 made for Marie Fedorovna and given to her by her son Tsar Nicholas II.

And also the Moscow Kremlin Egg of 1906 made for Alexandra Feodorovna the wife of Tsar Nicholas II.

The eggs are what Fabergé is most famous for even though he and his company made many types of jewellery over the years extending past the Russian Monarchy.

My favourite of those I've seen is the Winter Egg given to Marie Fedorovna in 1913. Which is made from platinum, diamonds, quarts and gold.

I've decided that the eggs are great pieces of art; over the top, expensive and some times gaudy but also suprising, beautiful and great pieces of craftmenship. Each egg was made with an array of precious gems, enamel and precious metals. Each cost the equivalent of over one million british pounds today, an expensive easter gift.

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  1. these are so beautiful :) my sisters learning about the Russian royals at the min, she has even made them all facebook pages (Y) xx